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Packing line Salačova Lhota

History of the family company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. started in 1999, when Mr. František Vavřina, a representative of the fourth generation of potato farmers from Vysočina, acquired representation of the Dutch company AGRICO for the Czech Republic. The Dutch AGRICO is probably the largest and most prestigious potato breeding company in the world. This was followed by a mandate to represent the company NÖS, only potato breeder in Austria and at the same time the largest seed potato multiplier organization. Soon it became clear that the mere distribution and propagation of seedlings in Czechia is not enough and it will be necessary to provide comprehensive services to farmers. AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. with its team of experienced agronomists began to provide consulting services to other farmers as well. Due to the concentration of sales in the Czech Republic and the permanent fragmentation of the potato growing base, we were forced to purchase and to install a potato, onion and carrot packing line in Salačova Lhota near Pacov. We are a major supplier of potatoes for industrial processing - for the manufactures of French Fries, chips, mash and starch factories. One of the most important components is the cultivation of the crops. Therefore, the company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. decided to bring together Czech farmers and to provides them a comprehensive service from the selection of seedlings, consulting activities on cultivation, harvesting and subsequent packaging. This is how the sales co-operative AGRICO & partners was created. Currently, the co-operative is proud of more than 2500 ha certified areas (Global Gap & GRASP).

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Packaging technology

The company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. use a packing line, which is having international certification at the highest technical level.

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Packing line

Packing line Salačova Lhota

The company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. has its own packing line in Salačov Lhota near Pacov. In 2019, we invested significantly in the modernization of the packaging equipment, which is currently at the highest technical level, equipped with a receiving robot, polisher, optical selector and modern packaging equipment. It has passed international certification.

Thanks to this, we are able to provide a high standard of potatoes and onions delivered to our customers both in the Czech Republic and abroad. It goes without saying that washed and brushed potatoes are packaged in all types of packaging that are currently required.

The modernization significantly increased our packaging capacities, which are currently as follows:

300 000 kg / day
150 000 kg / day
80 000 kg / day

Our offer

Consumable potatoes of the company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. are characterized by high quality and great taste. In order to ensure a year-round supply of the assortment, the company cooperates not only with Czech but also with foreign farmers. To guarantee the supply of the highest quality raw materials, the company itself realizes their delivery directly from selected farmers. The company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. offers the customer a comprehensive service. The potatoes are packed already brushed and washed in our own facilities. If interested, the company offers already peeled and boiled potatoes in vacuum packaging. All products are subject to strict quality controls to guarantee the highest quality of goods. AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. offers the customer all cooking types of potatoes (A, B, C,) in several varieties.

AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. offers onions mainly from domestic farmers. In order to guarantee a year-round supply of the market, it also imports onions from Germany, Austria and France as needed. The customer can choose from yellow or red, early or late varieties. Thanks to its own packing station, the company sells already cleaned onions in packages of various types and sizes, always reflecting the wishes of the customer.

AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. offers carrots mainly from domestic farmers. In order to guarantee year-round market supply, it also imports carrots from Germany, Austria and Holland as needed. 

Thanks to its own packaging line, the company sells washed and sorted carrots in packages of several types and sizes, always reflecting the wishes of the customer.

To complete the comprehensive offer, the company also sells root vegetables, specifically carrots, celery and parsley. All vegetables come from Czech and Moravian farmers. 

AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o.


Firma AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. spolupracuje s největšími řetězci supermarketů v České a Slovenské republice jako jsou Lidl, Penny Market, Billa, Kaufland,,  JIP a další. 

Last but not least, the company also cooperates with the free market - smaller customers such as restaurants or a bistro. The quality of the products and the client's wishes are for the company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. always in first place.


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    AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o.

    Our company is the only one in the Czech Republic represented AGRICO NL, which is probably the largest and most prestigious breeding company in the world.

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