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Seed potatoes

sadbové brambory agrico bohemia
sadbové brambory agrico bohemia

Thanks to international cooperation with the Dutch company AGRICO, AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. offers a wide and unique offer of seed potatoes for growers. Seed potatoes are certified and subject to the strictest control conditions.

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Seed potatoes

Early and very early varieties of potatoes belong to table potatoes, which are characterized by a thin skin and are thus intended for earlier consumption. However, thanks to this, they contain more protein and water, less starches than late potatoes, which is why they are very popular with consumers. AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. offers several varieties of early potatoes characterized by high quality and a large yield of marketable tubers.

Semi-late and late consumption potatoes are characterized by a higher dry matter content, good consumption quality and long storage time. Thanks to their properties, they are preferred for frying and for the production of chips and flakes. They are characterized by high resistance to potato diseases.

Late varieties are often characterized by a high content of dry matter and thus a good yield of starch. In addition to industrial processing, these flourier varieties are also popular for the production of potato chips.

Last but not least, the company AGRICO Bohemia s.r.o. also distributes varieties suitable for organic cultivation. It offers them in all brewing types (A, B, C) and at the same time in all types of earliness (early, semi-early, late).

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    Our company is the only one in the Czech Republic represented AGRICO NL, which is probably the largest and most prestigious breeding company in the world.

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